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You believe with your spirit.

Romans 10:9‭-‬10
for, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For one believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved.

The word heart in this verse is not referring to the physical heart that pumps blood. It’s referring to the spirit. The spirit is the real man. The Apostle Paul calls the spirit the inward man and the Apostle Peter calls it the hidden man.

Remember, you are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body.

Bible faith is a spiritual force. Bible faith is believing with your spirit, not with your mind, not with your physical senses.

Natural human faith believes with their mind and with their physical senses. Only when it makes sense, they believe. If they can touch it, see it, feel it, hear it and smell it, then they will believe it. Natural human faith will not believe something they don’t understand mentally and can’t experience physically.

For example, the Bible says, Jesus walked on water. He turned water into wine. He multiplied five loaves and two fishes and fed a multitude. He raised Lazarus from the dead. He rose again from the dead alive forevermore.

Natural human faith doesn’t believe this because it doesn’t make sense to the mind and because they haven’t seen it or experienced it for themselves.

But Bible faith believes with the spirit. You can believe God’s Word even when it does not make sense to your mind and to your five physical senses. When God speaks, just say ‘Yes and Amen.’ Accept it as truth. Put your confidence in what God has said. Entrust yourself to the Lord. Jesus said, I will never leave you nor forsake you. You may not see and feel Jesus physically all the time and you may not understand how this works. Believe it with your spirit. Take Him at His Word. He never changes and He never lies. He has placed His Word above all His name. You can trust Him. It’s not seeing and then believing. Its not understanding and then believing. It’s believing and then understanding and seeing it.

For example, God told an old man named Abraham (who didn’t have a single child) that he would be a father of many nations. Abraham’s body was impotent and His wife Sarah’s womb had no strength. Does it make sense? It doesn’t make sense to your mind. It doesn’t make sense to your physical senses. But God said it. Isn’t the Lord bigger than your mind and greater than your physical senses?

Bible faith believes with spirit and works it out to the mind and to the physical senses. It starts with the spirit and impacts the mind and the body. That’s the order.

You know Abraham believed God, even though it seemed impossible in the natural. Abraham believed God to a point where his mind began to see the greatness of the One who made the promise and His ability to fulfill the promise against all odds. Abraham began to give glory to God. He became the father of many nations exactly as God said. Hallelujah. Today, the nation of Israel stands as the manifestation of the promise God made to Abraham.

You believe the Word with your spirit. You may see something in God’s Word that doesn’t make sense to you in the natural. Remember, you don’t believe with your mind but with your spirit. God may say something to you that really seems impossible in the natural but you believe with your spirit, not with your five physical senses. Don’t allow your inability to understand God’s word with your mind and your inability to grasp it with your physical senses stop your from believing Him with your spirit. Just take it in simply because He said it. Eventually your mind and your senses will catch up as your meditate on what the Lord has said in his written word and in His spoken word.

Whatever you choose to believe will become a reality in your life. Believe the Word with your spirit. Confess the Word with your mouth. You will see the Word become a reality in your life.

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