Grace & Peace

be multiplied to you

This is Ashish Mathews. This website, like a restaurant will feed you richly. You will receive strong spiritual food for your spirit and your life will be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. You will be edified and equipped for the work of the ministry – the work that Jesus has for you.

The word of God is the Rock on which your life must be built. No storms of life, no winds of challenges and no floods of adversity will be able to shake or topple your house when it’s built on the solid foundation of God’s Word. Here you will find my teachings on various subjects and you will be greatly blessed.

My Quotes

The light in you must be greater than the light around you.

Love is the only way!

Faith in God can take you from where you are TO where you want to be. Good report.

Anything that is contrary to God’s written word is a lie no matter who says it or how many people say it.

Your ignorance is your only weakness.

The only defense against the massive deceptions of the last days is for you to be established in the rightly divided word of God and to live in the presence of Jesus Christ.