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Faith And Anointing

Mark 5:25‭-‬34
Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years, and had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. For she said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction. And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that power had gone out of Him, turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched My clothes?” But His disciples said to Him, “You see the multitude thronging You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’ ” And He looked around to see her who had done this thing. But the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him and told Him the whole truth. And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.”

This incident reveals to us the connection between faith and the power of God. As you use your faith, the power of God goes into operation.

This woman suffered greatly. She was considered unclean by the society. She was financially broke. She was physically and emotionally distraught. In the midst of such a hopeless situation, she heard about Jesus. Well, what did she hear about him?

She heard that Jesus is the Christ, the Anointed One in whom is the anointing of God. This event took place in Capernaum where Jairus was one of rulers of the synagogue. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and was raised up in Nazareth but His ministry headquarters was in Capernaum.

No matter where He was, it was His custom to attend the synagogue on the sabbath and read portions of scripture. In every synagogue He would read this scripture.

Luke 4:18‭-‬19
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord .”

The word Christ is not the surname of Jesus. It the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Messiah. It means the Anointed One and His Anointing.

Acts 10:38

how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

This is the reason Jairus came to Jesus and said, ‘My daughter is dying, come and lay your hands on her and she will live.’ Jairus came because He believed what He heard from Jesus about the anointing. This is exactly what the lady heard and she believed it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. Faith is released by speaking the Word of God. She spoke what she believed and said,’ If I touch Him I shall be made whole.’ She acted on what she believed and spoke, she went and touched the hem of His garment. Jesus perceived power had gone out of Him. The word power comes from the Greek word dunamis and it is the root word of our English words dynamite, dynamo and dynamic.

Dunamis is explosive power or miraculous ability. This power is the Anointing.

What is the Anointing?

In simple words, the anointing is the power of God. Let me give five definitions of the Anointing.

  1. The Anointing is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Anointing is the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God.
  3. The Anointing is the power of God that produces extraordinary results.
  4. The Anointing is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live a supernatural, triumphant and excellent life.
  5. The Anointing is the power of God that accomplishes your word based faith confessions.

This Anointing was in Jesus Christ. Jairus came to Jesus because of the Anointing. The Lady came and touched Jesus because of the Anointing. When the lady touched Jesus, immediately the fountain of her blood dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction. Jesus asked, ‘Who touched my clothes?’. The disciples were surprised when Jesus asked this because lot of people were thronging and pressing on Jesus. Isn’t this amazing, lot of people were thronging Him but none received the Anointing. When the lady touched the hem of His prayer shawl, she tapped into the Anointing.

  • The Anointing only respects and responds to Faith.
  • The Anointing is activated by Faith.
  • The Anointing is released by Faith.

This is the reason only the lady received and no one else did, because she touched Him by faith. She heard He was the Anointed One. She believed it. She spoke it. She acted on it and touched Him. The Anointing was released and it destroyed the very root of the problem and produced an extraordinary results.

Today, through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the same Anointing which was in Jesus, through Jesus is in every believer. You have the Anointing in you through Jesus.

Colossians 1.27 says Christ in you, the hope of glory. The Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesian church, that the Lord would enlighten them so they would know the exceeding greatness of the power that resides in every believer.

Beloved, you are anointed. The Holy Spirit lives in you. The burden removing, yoke destroying power of God is in you. The power to produce extraordinary results and to live a glorious life is in you. You have God’s power that accomplishes every word based faith confession you make.

Today, like the lady, a believer doesn’t have to reach out and touch Jesus. Rather, a believer has to reach in and partake of the Anointing because it’s already it Him – Christ in you!

Remember, this Anointing in you only responds and respects faith. It is only activated and released by Faith. Think about this, amongst so many people touching and thronging Jesus, only the lady received the power.

  1. Always be aware and conscious that the Anointing is in you. Yes, you are anointed. You have Christ in you. The same Christ which was in Jesus, today, through Jesus, is in you.
  2. The Word you believe in your spirit and speak with your mouth, the Anointing will bring into manifestation. Begin to declare God’s promises over your nation, your government, your life, your family, your future, your finances and every area of your life, as you do the Anointing in you will go into operation and bring the word into manifestation. The Anointing will make it a reality in your life.
  3. Raise your expectations with thanksgiving. If you truly believe the Anointing is in you, then you will surely expect a miracle. As you begin to believe and speak the word, begin to expect the manifestation. Begin to thank God and praise Him for the manifestation of the Word in your life. Genuine faith always expects. When your expectations are high, you will overcome any barrier, hurdle and challenge that comes between you and the Word manifestation. The Anointing works powerfully when the expectations are high. Luke 6:19 says, ‘And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.’

Live by faith always. Live in the Anointing always. Faith connects you to the Anointing.

God bless you!