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Husband is the head.

Ephesians 5:23
For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body.

Marriage is God’s invention. It wasn’t Adam or Eve’s idea. The One who created marriage has established marriage order, principles and roles which when followed will make your marriage blissful. Drifting away from the God ordained order, principles and roles of marriage will only destroy the marriage.

Husband is divinely appointed by God as the head of the wife.

Husband and wives, both need to know, acknowledge and accept this marriage order. Wherever you have the wife as the head, that marriage will crumble because it’s against God’s divine order resulting in confusion. Wives are to give their husbands the same unquestioned, absolute submission they give Christ, voluntarily yielding their will to the will of their husbands – provided the husband’s directions are “in the fear of God” or in line with God’s will.

Husbands, what does it mean to be the head? Doesn’t it mean to control her and order her around? Does it mean to threaten her and beat her? Does it mean to forcefully demand her to do whatever you say?

Wrong understanding of this concept has caused husbands to treat their wives in a dishonorable way.

Look at the verse above, like Christ is the head of the church, husband is the head of the wife. The key question is, How does Christ as the head treat his church? This will show us how we are to treat our wives.

Christ is hidden in the church and the church is the reflection of Christ. Similarly, husbands are hidden in their wives and the wives are the reflections of their husbands.

You can know a lot about the husbands by looking at the condition of their wives.

Husbands, your wife is your glory, she is your reflection. The foundation of a building is never seen, but the stronger the foundation, the stronger the building.

As a head, your wife is your responsibility. When the Lord made you the head, He gave you the responsibility to love, protect, provide and spiritually lead your wife just as Jesus does towards His bride, the church.

Your primary responsibility is to love your wife.

This love is divine agape love and it refers to willing, sacrificial giving on the husband’s part for the benefit of his wife, without thought of return. Her benefit, her growth and her progress is on your mind and you give yourself to her with this objective. This doesn’t mean you always say ‘Yes’ to her, like some husbands do. No! Adam said Yes to his wife concerning the forbidden fruit and we know the consequences. Abraham was in trouble for listening to His wife concerning Hagar and Ishmael was born. No matter what, STAY ON GOD’S WORD. So you see, to love also means to discipline and correct, for those whom the Lord loves He disciplines. The motive of correction is always LOVE and it’s for the benefit of the other person.

Jesus and His Word must be more important to us than our spouse.

The Lord has placed His Word above all His name. His Word is supreme. We are pruned and cleansed by His Word. (John 15.3)

Husbands, since we have this huge responsibility to lead our wives like Jesus, it’s so crucial for us to be established in the Word and have a strong fellowship with Jesus Christ.

No husband can lead and love His wife like Jesus unless He firsts learns to have an intimate fellowship with Jesus.

How happy is the wife of a godly man! How happy is the wife of a man who knows how much Jesus loves him! How blessed is the wife of a man who loves Jesus and is established in His Word! How gloriously your wife will shine when you live and walk in the presence of Jesus!

Beloved, have a blissful marriage!

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