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Today is a great day!

  1. Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
  2. Today is a productive and fruitful day.
  3. Today, I walk in communion with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Today, I am led by the Holy Spirit.
  5. Today, I am focused on fulfilling my God given assignment.
  6. Today, I choose to forgive and walk in love no matter what.
  7. Today, I choose to maintain a good attitude
  8. Today, I am a distributor of the life of God, a dispenser of the fragrance of heaven, a manifestor of the righteousness of God and a revealer of the nature of God.
  9. Today, I live by faith.
  10. Today, I go deeper in the Word of God.
  11. Today, I am a blessing everywhere I go. Words of appreciation, gratitude, hope and compassion fill my mouth and I bless people financially.
  12. Today, I keep my eyes on Jesus for all my expectations and hopes are from Him alone.
  13. Today, I refuse to waste my time in unproductive activities.
  14. Today, I refuse to associate with people who are gossipers and rebellious. I would rather stay alone than habitually associate with people who have no reverence for my Father God.
  15. Today, I walk in the wisdom of God.
  16. Today, I walk in the joy of the Lord. Therefore I am strong.
  17. Today, I am spending quality time in my fellowship with Jesus.
  18. Today, I declare God’s word of victory over my life and over every area that concerns me.
  19. Today, I walk in integrity, righteousness and justice.
  20. Today, whatever I do, the Lord makes it to prosper.
  21. Today, I walk in the paths of holiness for without holiness no one will see the Lord.
  22. Today, I am a giver and I honour the Lord with my finances. I am a blessing to His body, the church.
  23. Today, I offer my body as living sacrifice to God. I present every member of my body to God as instruments of righteousness.
  24. Today, I follow the voice of my Shepherd and He makes me to lie down in green pastures and guides me to the still waters.
  25. Today, I am growing in the revelation of the Father’s love.
  26. Today, I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus my Lord.
  27. Today, I endure the challenges of life and hold firmly to my confession of faith. I refuse to give up. I will not quit for I know what God has promised, He will fulfill it in my life.
  28. Today, none of the these things – persecutions, challenges, expressions and opinions of people – can move me. Neither do I count my life dear unto myself, I will finish my course with joy and the ministry which I have received from the Lord Jesus.
  29. Today, I am witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  30. Today, the Lord has given me the power to get wealth. Therefore wealth and riches follow me. I never lack for the blessing of the Lord makes me rich and He adds no sorrow with it.
  31. Today, I refuse to complain. I refuse to grumble and accuse. I choose to be grateful. I choose to be thankful. Thank you Lord!
  32. Today everything that enters my mouth is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. It ministers strength to my body and I serve my Father in excellence.
  33. Today, I acknowledge the Lord in everything I do and give Him glory all throughout the day.
  34. Today, I refuse to allow the evil influences, deeds and attitudes of this world to disturb and distract me.
  35. Today, my mind is fixed on the Lord, focused on His Word and the Lord keeps me in perfect peace.
  36. Today, I walk in divine health. No sickness, No disease and No demonic virus can flourish and prevail against me.
  37. Today, I trust the Lord and I do not take revenge.
  38. Today is a great day, for this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.
  39. Today, is the day of victory , triumph and immense prosperity. Today is a great day!

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